Healthy Eating

For the past 6 months I have eaten like I have been running 50 miles a week, when sadly the reality, due to one thing or another it is less than a third than that most weeks, not surprisingly this has added curves to my curves. You know its bad when not even your elbows are pointy anymore. So two weeks ago (in line with the running ban desperate measures were needed) I started to eat better. No cake, no biscuits and a reduction in carbs, a fortnight later I am still battling on.

The battle is real, not helped my hubby and work colleagues…………..

  • Bad news at work meant chips being ordered at lunch time, did I want some? No thanks
  • Hubby went food shopping- want a jam doughnut? No thank you I’m eating healthy.
  • Line manager was away, work colleague purchased me a Dairy Milk bar to celebrate -I put it in my bag and brought home for Madam
  • Hubby “lets get Chinese takeaway on Saturday night to save you cooking” Nice thought thank you Darling but no thanks I am eating healthy, remember?
  • Sunday morning the weather was lush and hubby suggests a walk and then cake at my favourite cake place (favourite due to its location and epic cake portions!) I removed my hands from his neck before I squeezed too hard and agreed to a cup of tea only! (Although I placed the order and left proximity of the cake QUICK before I caved)

Amazingly despite all the temptations put in my way I have resisted, which to be fair is nothing short of a miracle! But needs must and at some point when I get the all clear to run miles I need to be able to run rather than roll!

On the running front, I have managed 10 minutes on the treadmill, and was then allowed to up to 20 mins. Its a start but must admit, its getting on my nerves now, I want to get out to the fields and run, fingers crossed that will be soon.


About shazruns

I have been running since 2004 when I decided to do the Race for Life, as a close friend was terminally ill with cancer. Following that I did a couple of 10km at Leeds castle and Sandringham. Then in 2005 ran my first London marathon, then another in 2007 in blistering temperatures. I have entered the London marathon every year since but have been rejected, am now find maintaining my fitness & motivation hard, so when the email came through about Janathon I thought why not! Am hoping this helps with fitness, motivation and weight loss!! Wish me luck!
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6 Responses to Healthy Eating

  1. runtezza says:

    Just catching up on your blog Shaz. How frustrating to be injured, but your posts are life-enhancing as ever. Keep up the positive thinking and get well soon!

  2. Hope you can be back to the sunny (maybe) outdoor long runs again before you know it.

    Impressed with your miraculous temptation resisting. Well done!

  3. Mum says:

    You wait until you come here!!!

  4. Lyn says:

    Congrats on resisting all the temptations!

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