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Looking for the silver lining

My week started with a trip to the physio. He inflicted copious amounts of pain on my body, mainly with his elbow¬†and then uttered the four letter word REST. I sought clarification, apparently this meant no running, no cycling, no … Continue reading

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I don’t like Mondays

I particularly don’t like Mondays after a week off, going back to work was not pleasant this week, but then rarely is. However it was going to get worse! Lunch time I had a physio appointment, more heat, more massage, … Continue reading

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Perfect conditions and a photo for Phil

Yes this morning had all the makings for a great run. New trainers Not too hot, not too cold, weather wise I remembered the hydration pack I was really looking forward to having my first long run in a while, … Continue reading

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A Flurry of Activity

Hubby is many things, some printable here, others not! Active though is not one word anyone including himself would use to describe himself. I used to try to get him ‘ out there’ doing things like¬†walking and cycling (did not … Continue reading

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In Light of No Running I bring you…….

………………… a day out (and you thought it was all going to be about knitting!) This summer is slightly different from previous ones. This summer Madam is all about spending time with her friends leaving me to be taxi driver … Continue reading

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A brief update, as I am attempting to write this on my phone, sat in the car whilst Madam is at training. It could all go horribly wrong. (Phil please can I be excused any typo’s and grammar errors just … Continue reading

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I ran

Yes readers you have read right, Sunday morning I ran. In fact I ran a whole two miles, sloooooowly. How did it feel? If I am honest it felt AWFUL. The achilles made its self known, the breathing was all … Continue reading

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