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Chelmsford Marathon

Part Three Firstly thanks for all your kind words, after yesterdays blog. X At the end of the 26.2 miles, I collected my medal and goody bag, hugged Mrs F, thanked my fellow runners for their support, grabbed Madam from … Continue reading

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Chelmsford Marathon

Part Two Here is the long awaited for, much anticipated part two blog about the Chelmsford Marathon. The delay has been partly due to a friend visiting and partly for me to get my head in a better place to … Continue reading

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Chelmsford Marathon

Part One Welcome to part one, no way can I fit all I have to report in one blog without boring you all to death so will break it down in to parts. Not to keep you in suspense, I … Continue reading

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Four sleeps to go

Oh yes it’s looming ahead that 26.2 miles, laughing at me for giving it yet another go. The internal conversations are continuos, arguments between the inner me that remembers how tough it is and the inner me who thought it … Continue reading

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Listening to the Doctor or not!

It amazes me that I can run a half marathon, be fine, drive two hours home, be fine, take my trainers off ……. and oh my goodness what is that? A blister like no other I have had before, a … Continue reading

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53 Miles-Done

53 in a week that is. The thing is when you do a long run on a Sunday and the next one you have to do on the Saturday in the same week that means you clock, big miles! Yay. … Continue reading

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