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Road trip planned

Recently I wrote about needing a focus (here in case you missed that exciting post). In 2017 I had 100k run as a focus, in 2016 it was VLM and my first Ultra. 2018 I have been aimless and running … Continue reading

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Exe to Axe

20 mile run along the South West coastal path, that actually turned out to be over 21 miles and simply the toughest thing I have ever done. The day dawned overcast and a little windy. The forecast was for rain … Continue reading

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It’s all about the long run

Yesterday a running friend asked how long I needed to run today, when I told her she said ‘don’t you just hate waking up on a Sunday?’  Fortunately for me the answer is no! I think because the first time I … Continue reading

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Long Run with a difference

Every time I have trained for marathons and half marathons, the long runs have been, long slow runs. Just go out plod and get the miles in. I have spent hours lately, reading magazine articles, perusing training plans on the web, scanning … Continue reading

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Dare I Say?

Eleven years ago I ran my first marathon, a year and a half after taking up running. I got this book out of the library (pre Google days!) after reading it I entered London, then it was FLM. I failed … Continue reading

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All or Nothing

Yes this week has been all or nothing in regards to exercise Monday was Metafit and a three mile run with Madam after school. Tuesday was 7  miles before work and an interval session after work Wednesday and Thursday saw … Continue reading

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Last week on a rare free from running evening I spent some time perusing the Internet, sending documents to the printer, high lighting text, counting weeks, annotating, reading and researching.  Usually I find a marathon training plan I like the … Continue reading

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Four sleeps to go

Oh yes it’s looming ahead that 26.2 miles, laughing at me for giving it yet another go. The internal conversations are continuos, arguments between the inner me that remembers how tough it is and the inner me who thought it … Continue reading

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Tapering is meant to be ‘the practice of reducing exercise in the days just before an important competition’ (thanks Wikipedia) and nothing to do with this unless you are Phil and can’t spell (if there is one thing I know about Phil it … Continue reading

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Back down South

Yes, I am back in the south, I returned on Thursday after having a lovely 8 run in Ripon on Wednesday evening, and an uninspiring 4 miles on Thursday morning followed by a swim and of course a dip in … Continue reading

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