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Shall I, shan’t I

With the slightly hugely disastrous Ex to Axe my thoughts have turned to the Jurassic 100k which is far too near for my liking. The internal arguments started about whether I should partake or not of this little adventure. I … Continue reading

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A run in pictures

Hard to decided this morning, should I go for a long slow run or rob a bank? Fortunately I could dress the same for either so the decision was not made till the last minute. For those you that know … Continue reading

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53 Miles-Done

53 in a week that is. The thing is when you do a long run on a Sunday and the next one you have to do on the Saturday in the same week that means you clock, big miles! Yay. … Continue reading

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Mind over Matter

Yesterday with the holiday over it was back to reality and the long run. For reasons I won’t go in to I knew it was going to be tough. Hubby even realised it was going to be hard for me … Continue reading

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Masses of Miles

With my holiday starting (the away bit) next week, it was time for some panic miles this week, panicking as half and full marathon looming fast and running in Cornwall is going to be tricky due to the hills and timing. … Continue reading

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Life is a Beach

I finished work last Tuesday till September, I know, feel free to hate me, I love my summers off. Thursday middle madam arrived, two hours after my brother in law and his wife. That’s the problem with living in a holiday … Continue reading

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Madam has been in London this week on a school trip, hubby and I have had a lovely week, quiet too. Monday Club run:- this was the first one I have not enjoyed, my legs were. still tired from the … Continue reading

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Marathon Training Begins

Five days since since the end of June, five whole days without blogging, which has been lovely, but I have been running! Wednesday was the running club’s Woodland Relay. It was a good club turnout mainly because we were told … Continue reading

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Killerton parkrun x 4

Sunday is LSR day, but tomorrow I will be at an athletic track with Madam for most of the day so the LSR will not happen. Time for the flexible plan. LSR moved to today. 14 miles covered by Parkrun … Continue reading

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LSR followed by slow walk on Dartmoor

The weather forecast was excellent for today, I knew I had to get the LSR in early to be able to enjoy some family time with hubby and Madam. When I got up at 6 a.m to let the cat out … Continue reading

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