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My week

My week consisted of 500 miles of driving, a meeting, time with the relics, an interval run, hill reps (or as I was in Essex-gradual incline reps) shopping, work, two goats cheese tarts in one day,  resisting eating chocolates, present … Continue reading

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One of those weeks

This week could have gone smoother, granted I’ve had worse, but yes it has been one of those weeks. Monday started with the Metafit class – aka exercise class that renders you unable to move for the next two days! … Continue reading

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Isle of Wight

My work entails travelling sometimes. Not so much since we moved to Devon, but I have been all over the UK. Some locations have left a lot to be desired, some hotels even more so. There was the motel literally … Continue reading

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Parkrun at last

This morning I did my first parkrun since the end of November, which to be honest is disgraceful. I was awake early due to the wind and fully expected that once I looked at social media it would tell me … Continue reading

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Run out followed by Bake Off

Yesterday morning the wind was blowing hard, in fact the flags at the construction site were at right angles as I headed out for a 3 mile run. It was mild though and I was grateful for the Devon lanes … Continue reading

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Week One Done-finally

This week I have managed to complete week one of my half marathon training plan. I did not do as many fast sections in the intervals on Tuesday morning at 5 am, but I did see the sun come up. … Continue reading

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Wednesday night

I received a text from the Women on the Run group on Monday informing me that tonight’s run would be starting not at our usual car park but a different one in a different village. This caused me to panic … Continue reading

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Penultimate longish run

I consider anything 10 miles and over a long run, based on that theory I only have one more to do next week. (Hooray) I don’t run with an Ipod so my thoughts wander around various topics, sometimes I wonder … Continue reading

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