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Too many miles?

This week was half term, it soon became apparent that I would spend my week taxi-ing Madam to various meeting points with friends so I decided early on to do as much running as I could. By Friday I learnt … Continue reading

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Cycle, Walk and Flowers

I contemplated running to the hospital to the x-ray appointment today but did think I would not make friends with the radiologist if I presented him with a sweaty, smelly foot to photograph. Instead I cycled, round trip 8 miles. … Continue reading

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Greetings from Southampton

At 5 this morning I crawled out of bed, I tried hard to think  ‘at least its not 4 am’ as suggested by Jaxamaline, not sure it worked though. On arrival in Southampton, I spent the  morning helping out on a course, but as luck … Continue reading

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How much Janathon activity?

Hubby went to work early muttering something about hypothermia (seems the king size duvet is not big enough) this meant I over slept, Oscar woke me a 6:45 am, he is a good boy, (One cat no longer for sale!) … Continue reading

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Far Far Away

What is that in the distance? Oh that’s right that is  madam. Yes, that was  how it was at Killerton parkrun yesterday. She was not to be seen. I had lent her my running socks, the magic ones, the ones with wings, … Continue reading

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I have the answer

no not that answer, I don’t have the answer to the meaning on life, I am working on that one. No I have the answer to:-after completing two half marathons what will I work on and train towards next? I … Continue reading

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Hill Training

The training plan called for hills on Tuesday. Every run here in Devon is a hill session but this would be the first time I set out to do a hill workout. The plan called for up hill for two minutes, then … Continue reading

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Need a tennis racquet stringing?

Then I have the cat guts for you! Oscar the very naughty ginger cat was a pain last night, through to this morning. Firstly he has three empty beds to choose from at the moment, madams, the spare one and … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday = Rest Day

Rest from work. Rest from fence construction. Rest from housework. Rest from running. Hooray. With my own home grown Rhubarb, I did make this Sour Cream Rhubarb Pie which is deliciousthe two eldest madams like it and they don’t even like … Continue reading

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Penultimate longish run

I consider anything 10 miles and over a long run, based on that theory I only have one more to do next week. (Hooray) I don’t run with an Ipod so my thoughts wander around various topics, sometimes I wonder … Continue reading

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