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Giving Back

Today was the first Women Can Marathon, held just 10 minutes away from my house. When I first heard of it I obviously wanted to run it, but then the 100k came up which threw in to doubt as to … Continue reading

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One of those weeks

This week could have gone smoother, granted I’ve had worse, but yes it has been one of those weeks. Monday started with the Metafit class – aka exercise class that renders you unable to move for the next two days! … Continue reading

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Quite often it is said that the rain gods save their work till three pm on a week day, just in time for the school run. At Killerton it is often said that it rarely rains on parkrun. Until today … Continue reading

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Changing Plans

Plan A:- I was to run parkrun, Madam was handing our finishing tokens keeping a low number behind for me! I was going to run a PB and so up my chances of getting a place in VLM (really shaz? you … Continue reading

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Mashalling Madam

As part of parkruns ‘get families volunteering day’ Madam and I decided to Marshall at Killerton today. This was her first time and I think she should see what goes on behind the scenes and learn that you have to give and take in life. … Continue reading

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Staycation day 14

After a bad night with toothache (yes I know-again) I got up at 6:30 am to wake madam so she could digest breakfast before parkrun. I left her dragging herself out of bed and headed out for the required interval … Continue reading

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Early parkrun

Tomorrow I am volunteering at Killerton parkrun in which I am giving out the finishing tokens and hoping like mad that I don’t mess up! Having just read my list of duties I am more than a little terrified and there was me … Continue reading

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After the London Marathon last weekend, I am partaking in a week of no running, so this morning I volunteered at Killerton Parkrun. I showed up at 8:30 and was given my map, my instructions, high viz arrows and warning … Continue reading

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