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Training Plans

I usually follow a training plan of sorts, over the years these have taken on different formats Marathon number 1 I followed a plan in Non Runners Guide to Marathon Running- simply the best plan for that first time I … Continue reading

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Dare I Say?

Eleven years ago I ran my first marathon, a year and a half after taking up running. I got this book out of the library (pre Google days!) after reading it I entered London, then it was FLM. I failed … Continue reading

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Let Grizzly Training Commence

Sunday training for my next event started. It is not till March but this time I want to do it well so time for serious training. The Grizzly includes hills, beach running and lots of mud, the only way to crack it … Continue reading

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Three for one

Today I have lots to say (not a rare occasion) so have decided to write three short (ish) blogs in one.  Parkrun change A few weeks ago it was announced that Killerton was going to alter the Parkrun route slightly, … Continue reading

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The ups and downs of running

and I’m not talking about the hills this time. Nope I mean the good times and the bad times. GOOD Wednesday night was club handicap night. This is a timed 5k, a tough ish route, undulating on the road. I … Continue reading

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Dwindling distance

When I am following a training plan, I am fine, I do the runs, the distance, the effort required on the day scheduled. However being ‘off plan’ (is this the equivalent to off piste for runners?) my runs operate on a … Continue reading

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A Quickie

Tonights run was a quick one mile. Not quick by Usain Bolt’s standards, not quick by Paula Radcliff’s standards, not quick by Elaine Tribley’s standards, not quick by my Dad’s standards, but quick by shazruns standards. Why the hurry? Well I wanted to … Continue reading

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Beach run

As I sat on the beach today in north Devon I contemplated blogging and logging playing frisbee and bat and ball with madam as my Juneathon daily exercise, but for me I have to run everyday no matter how short … Continue reading

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Virgin London Marathon

What can I say? It did not go as planned, it did not go as I hoped, it was not pretty, it was not fun and it certainly was not fast. Not really sure what wrong other than my stomach was … Continue reading

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What the difference a day makes!

Much has been blogged already about the horrific events at the Boston marathon, all of them much better than I could ever do (here are some:- another mother runner,              two princessesontherun and PaulKrunner  don’t go to any with out tissues!) So I wont even try … Continue reading

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