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Head II Head

I have spent most of the week, thinking about VLM, remembering how I was feeling last year and kind of feeling blue that I am not involved at all this year, other than a watcher and supporter. Yesterday I headed … Continue reading

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Grizzly Panic

The Grizzly is on the 13 March, that is 3 weeks away, the VLM is in the 24 April, that is ***** weeks away, lets not go there. They are coming round all too soon. This weeks training has been … Continue reading

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One day summer

Summer has been slow in arriving here in the UK so when Friday came and had clear blue skies with sunshine, no prizes for guessing what I did!                      It was the most amazing run, breath … Continue reading

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A run in pictures

Hard to decided this morning, should I go for a long slow run or rob a bank? Fortunately I could dress the same for either so the decision was not made till the last minute. For those you that know … Continue reading

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A Picture…

is worth a thousand words, which is just as well really as I have not much to say! I ran 3 miles at lunch time in the DRY!

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Beautiful day for a parkrun

How beautiful is Killerton parkrun? This beautiful…. what a great day to be tail runner, this enabled me to admire the scenery and snap away. Next week though I shall run, next week I will ignore the sign that says ‘slow’, next … Continue reading

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Staycation day 5

Hubby was in charge of todays trip which is always kind of worrying. I was in charge of map reading which was not worrying at all. Our destination was Salcombe. We have decided after a lovely day there that it … Continue reading

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Need a tennis racquet stringing?

Then I have the cat guts for you! Oscar the very naughty ginger cat was a pain last night, through to this morning. Firstly he has three empty beds to choose from at the moment, madams, the spare one and … Continue reading

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Lucky Me

On this mornings run I once again thought how lucky I am. These are the reasons why… I can run I like to run (most days) My family don’t mind (much) that I fall out of bed at 6 am on … Continue reading

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Not Over the hill yet BUT nearly at the top!!

Today I took a step nearer to the big 50! I have known hubby for 14 years but this year he decided by birthday was on the 5th not 3rd of May so really came to a complete shock to him … Continue reading

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