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Glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel

Glimmer number One Monday I went see the physio and he agreed with me that the leg was a lot better. He saw no reason why I could not run The Grizzly which is this weekend. He advised me to … Continue reading

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In Light of No Running I bring you…….

………………… a day out (and you thought it was all going to be about knitting!) This summer is slightly different from previous ones. This summer Madam is all about spending time with her friends leaving me to be taxi driver … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Yesterday was my Mother’s Day a week later than everyone else’s in the UK, delayed to the much more important event of Madam’s 13th birthday and the absence of number 1 Madam. Thankfully the weather was a lot warmer than … Continue reading

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A domestic

After Killerton last week my ankle grumbled. During the 15 miles on Sunday it complained. Sunday night it moaned. Monday morning it cried down the stairs. On the club run and the hills round the town that night, it was shouting … Continue reading

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After last weeks long run, I felt a tightness in my calf muscle leading up behind the knee. I spent sometime with the lovely foam roller, but it was not really easing, so I bit the bullet and made an … Continue reading

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