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Doynton Hard Half Third Edition

Sunday morning I headed up the M5 in the pouring rain, the Norther I went the colder it got. I left Devon with a balmy 8 degrees and arrived in Doynton just over 90 minutes later in a flipping cold … Continue reading

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Wet wet wet woodland relays

Last night was the annual Woodland Relay that the club partakes in. This is my third relay and the two previous years the weather has been glorious. Being held in England’s summer that good luck was never going to hold … Continue reading

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Being Sensible

This week there has been two occasions where I have been sensible, if there had been three you would have heard about it on the BBC and the day would be declared a Bank Holiday. Sorry, two was all I … Continue reading

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One of those weeks

This week could have gone smoother, granted I’ve had worse, but yes it has been one of those weeks. Monday started with the Metafit class – aka exercise class that renders you unable to move for the next two days! … Continue reading

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Parkrun Drought

Todays chocolate is Silky Delight chosen to represent the total elevation gain on this mornings run of 1500 feet! Saturdays are parkrun day, but unfortunately I have not managed to do one since the end of November, today was no … Continue reading

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Quite often it is said that the rain gods save their work till three pm on a week day, just in time for the school run. At Killerton it is often said that it rarely rains on parkrun. Until today … Continue reading

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The day started with the dreaded interval session. This was a hardcore session for a number of reasons:- 1⃣The weather was yucky 2⃣I had madam with me 3⃣Madam has long lean legs, that go fast- I don’t 4⃣It was bin … Continue reading

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This morning I went on a running adventure, map clutched in hand. In Cornwall it seems they are adverse to erecting footpath signs, the first three I set out to find were the invisible kind. Undeterred I headed in to … Continue reading

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Still running, still learning

Ten years in to this running thing and I am still making mistakes and still learning. Here are the latest lessons learnt Rain comes in all shapes and sizes and during one run you can experience them all Running in the … Continue reading

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What a week

Monday- The builders came to replace the felting on the roof. Much banging, traumatising of cat, and annoying of neighbour occurred. Monday night when we had half a roof, the rain came and madam got a wet bed. I did … Continue reading

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