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Talking to myself

As a mother and a wife I spend a lot of time talking to myself, but yesterday the day of the ‘big 10K’ (ok not actually big in numbers or importantness the big was in my head) the chatting was incessant. The day … Continue reading

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Blaise Castle 10K

This morning I did the Blaise Castle 10k. Granted it was not at Blaise Castle, not on the 2nd of August, not at 10 am, not across a tufty field, not with masses of other female runners, not with a … Continue reading

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Chelmsford Parkrun

I own a pair of Nike Free 3.0 trainers which I love for walking in, they are designed for those wanting a minimalist running shoe. This morning, having forgotten to pack my running trainers I had to run Chelmsford parkrun … Continue reading

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Are we nearly there yet?

The first day of Janathon I ran through flooding, up to my knees, the first day of Juneathon I ran with clear blue skies, got to love the drier athon, that coupled with the fact there is one less day … Continue reading

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31st May or in other words….

Juneathon Eve. There has been much uming, aahring, pondering, debating and thinking going on by myself as to whether to Juneathon or not. For me previously, the athons have meant a run every day, in fact in January I ran every … Continue reading

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Plymouth Pentathlon

For the third Sunday in a row I found myself at an athletics meet with Madam, this time it was for a Pentathlon competition. Her second Pentathlon, but this one only had 5 entries, one of them the best in the … Continue reading

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Happy Third Anniversary Killerton parkrun

To celebrate Killerton parkrun’s third Anniversary we were asked to dress as Where’s Wally? Or at least to wear stripes. As stripes are not a short dumpy girls best friend there is not one stripe in my wardrobe. This meant … Continue reading

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Yesterday despite in-laws visiting we managed to make it to parkrun,  especially pleased to make it this week, as was joined by Giselle (runorgocrazy) and her family. It was a chilly morning, despite this it was a another record turn out at … Continue reading

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51 down 49 to go!

A record 314 runners turned up to do Killerton parkrun and of course Madam and I were amongst them. As we headed to the start, we were asked by a volunteer if we were expecting a t-shirt, I replied that I … Continue reading

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Three things

We all learn in science that three things need to be in place for fire to occur Take one away and the fire goes out. This morning I learnt that three things have to be in place to get a … Continue reading

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