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Exercising my perogative

After last weeks 50k, which I surprisingly enjoyed immensely. My thoughts turned to the next planned Ultra in September. I was still up for it until about Wednesday.  The old body had recovered well so it wasn’t that, that changed … Continue reading

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Janathon is a Marathon

I got to thinking the other day whilst out for a plod that there are many similarities between running a marathon and Janathon. One of the definitions I found on the web for a marathon was ‘a long-lasting or difficult … Continue reading

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Chelmsford Marathon

Part Three Firstly thanks for all your kind words, after yesterdays blog. X At the end of the 26.2 miles, I collected my medal and goody bag, hugged Mrs F, thanked my fellow runners for their support, grabbed Madam from … Continue reading

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Chelmsford Marathon

Part Two Here is the long awaited for, much anticipated part two blog about the Chelmsford Marathon. The delay has been partly due to a friend visiting and partly for me to get my head in a better place to … Continue reading

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Chelmsford Marathon

Part One Welcome to part one, no way can I fit all I have to report in one blog without boring you all to death so will break it down in to parts. Not to keep you in suspense, I … Continue reading

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Listening to the Doctor or not!

It amazes me that I can run a half marathon, be fine, drive two hours home, be fine, take my trainers off ……. and oh my goodness what is that? A blister like no other I have had before, a … Continue reading

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Last year I ran VLM (Virgin London Marathon) and after collapsing through the door after the 3 hour car drive home I declared to hubby ‘a la Steve Redgrave’ if I was to mention entering London again, he was to shoot … Continue reading

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No Parkrun

Saturday as you know is Killerton Parkrun day, but not yesterday, yesterday it was cancelled due to the high winds and flooding in the area. I was gutted, this means that the red t-shirt is another week away! Totally understand … Continue reading

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Penultimate Plod and Plans

The penultimate Janathon run was a 6 mile plod round the village at lunch time. Nothing much to report really, I saw two horse riders, plus horses. I managed to terrify Postman Pat in his little red van by appearing unexpectantly round … Continue reading

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After the London Marathon last weekend, I am partaking in a week of no running, so this morning I volunteered at Killerton Parkrun. I showed up at 8:30 and was given my map, my instructions, high viz arrows and warning … Continue reading

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