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9 days to go

Sunday is the day of the ‘long run’, but not today, time to work on speed, time to go from tortoise to slightly fast tortoise, time for a football field sprint session. 6 x 200 metres fast, with active recovery … Continue reading

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Cursing Intervals

Some people train with the real thing, but I train with Chrissie Wellington cyberly, using audio fuel. Actually this is just as well for both of us I would think as most of the session I swear at Chissie. Yes … Continue reading

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Life is a Beach

I finished work last Tuesday till September, I know, feel free to hate me, I love my summers off. Thursday middle madam arrived, two hours after my brother in law and his wife. That’s the problem with living in a holiday … Continue reading

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Once, twice, three times a runner

Yes today I ran on three separate occasions, each time with a member of my family. This morning I did intervals (with myself) in the dark. I am sure the village has an idiot already and as I don’t really … Continue reading

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Cat for Sale

The cat is on death row, yes Oscar is in the dog house. At midnight he wanted to go out, to communicate this to me he persistently jumped on the bed and cried. This did not work, so he went … Continue reading

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The don’ts of winter running

How can I after 9 years of running be writing a post on what not to do when running in the winter based on mistakes I made today? You would have thought I would know by now, just backs up … Continue reading

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Time to Knuckle down

Yes its time to follow a training plan and chase that GFS (Good For Shaz) 5k time or in other words ‘Chase that Madam’. Running Buffet put me on to a 5k training plan he got it from here and I … Continue reading

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Run out followed by Bake Off

Yesterday morning the wind was blowing hard, in fact the flags at the construction site were at right angles as I headed out for a 3 mile run. It was mild though and I was grateful for the Devon lanes … Continue reading

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Almost a disaster

This is my front door….. (bare with me it will get marginally better) this is the tennis racquet two seemingly harmless items but combine them then this can happen which left me to get through a gap this big I … Continue reading

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Sunday’s long run was missed, I moved it till Monday. Monday was hot I did not do it. I then decided after careful perusal of the calendar, to do week 5 of the training plan again,  I still have time, phew. However … Continue reading

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