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Change of plan

Today was the day I was meant to be running 55 miles to Babbacombe. Today was the day I was meant to be running a marathon to Babbacombe (having decided the former was not going to be possible) Today was … Continue reading

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Today I was envious. It hit me like a double decker bus! Wow. That got me to thinking…..oh dear. I realised then that envy occurs within many aspects of running Trainer envy:- I like to check out others trainers, especially … Continue reading

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In Light of No Running I bring you…….

………………… a day out (and you thought it was all going to be about knitting!) This summer is slightly different from previous ones. This summer Madam is all about spending time with her friends leaving me to be taxi driver … Continue reading

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Given the title you might guess that all is not well and you would be right!  During the training for the Ultra, my ankles creeked, but they saved this for just when I got out of bed. On my morning … Continue reading

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Tuesday I went to the physio and he has released me back in to the running community and no longer wishes to see me and as lovely as he is, the feeling is mutual! The sigh of relief you might … Continue reading

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I ran

Yes readers you have read right, Sunday morning I ran. In fact I ran a whole two miles, sloooooowly. How did it feel? If I am honest it felt AWFUL. The achilles made its self known, the breathing was all … Continue reading

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Irrational thoughts of an injured long distance runner

I feel like I am suffering from a long bout of that well known running condition called taperingitus.  Maybe I am suffering from acute injuryitus! At times I think I may never run again I don’t want to run again … Continue reading

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Cat connection

Those of you who are regular readers will know of Oscar our very lovely ginger cat. I have always known that Oscar and I have a connection, he loves me loads and we have deep meaningful conversations. In fact if … Continue reading

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Its all No’s

The answer to so many questions is ‘NO’ You been running? Are you going running? Running club tonight? Have you entered…………? You doing parkun this week? Far too many ‘no’s, and it looks set to stay that way for a … Continue reading

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Three days on and I am still suffering. Monday night was awful, sleep almost impossible. After crawling out of bed, walking was tricky, stairs trickier. The hip that took the full force of the 1o miles of limping, was telling … Continue reading

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