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It is a worry

Recently the hubby has been exhibiting some alien behaviours, I keep looking at him closely and although he looks a little like the figure below his eyes are not as dark, his head not so sparse, mouth not as straight and … Continue reading

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Once, twice, three times a runner

Yes today I ran on three separate occasions, each time with a member of my family. This morning I did intervals (with myself) in the dark. I am sure the village has an idiot already and as I don’t really … Continue reading

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Another wet one with soggy feet

A non running related tale but it might lead to running! Last night when I walked in to the bedroom hubby was standing in his boxers (not an x rated post I promise!) in front of the mirror studying his … Continue reading

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Yeovilton Air Show

Our day at the Air Show was HOT Sunny Busy Loud Sweaty Grumpy (Madam not liking the heat) Amazing (The Red Arrows) Clever (Parachute team) Scary (The Vulcan) Expensive (£2.00 for a bottle of water?) Cheap (free tickets for us) … Continue reading

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Still hanging in there

Yep this is me and yes the expression on my face is just like that just less gingery, less whiskery and not so fluffy. Work, work, work, work, work, work, work, eat lunch while working, work, work, work, ‘hello madam’, work, … Continue reading

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Day 24-not today thank you

That’s how I felt about running today. I woke up feeling hungover which was very unfair as have not consumed any alcohol in a long while, I can only blame the Chinese we had yesterday. Unfortunately it has remained with … Continue reading

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