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Mind over Matter

Yesterday with the holiday over it was back to reality and the long run. For reasons I won’t go in to I knew it was going to be tough. Hubby even realised it was going to be hard for me … Continue reading

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Blaise Castle 10K

This morning I did the Blaise Castle 10k. Granted it was not at Blaise Castle, not on the 2nd of August, not at 10 am, not across a tufty field, not with masses of other female runners, not with a … Continue reading

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Cardiff Half Marathon

Last night my car was stolen, then it snowed, I overslept got up at 6:50 am and had to speed up the M5 to get to Cardiff for the start at 9 o’clock, if that was not enough my car … Continue reading

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Day 19 in which I fell out with Mrs Garmin

Tonight I convinced my mind it was not too warm to run, I told my legs they weren’t too tired to run, I had diner prepped, housework as usual could wait, everything was set or so I thought. I failed … Continue reading

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Parkrun, planting and problem sheep

This morning was parkrun with Madam-ofcourse One of us had a good run One of us didn’t One of us was happy at the end One of us wasn’t One of us felt guilty and worried One of us was just … Continue reading

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Gimme A….

gimme agimme agimme agimme a gimme agimme agimme a Handwriting never my forte nor run writing it seems. Tomorrow I hope to do a more serious run or two!

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New balance good form running

SX media asked me to a demonstration of ‘good form running’ at the London Marathon Expo. I was keen to go as am very aware that my running is not exactly ‘good form’! As I was suffering from toothache, this coupled … Continue reading

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Last long one before which I should have taken Imodium!

I really don’t like loosing an hour as seem to spend the entire day chasing my tail playing catch up, today was no different. I was up early (old time) due to a dodgy tummy, but hoped this was a … Continue reading

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PB times 2

It’s Saturday so that means Killerton parkrun. There was a huge turnout over 100, this impacted on start time due to the trouble people were having getting parked. It was very cold standing around so madam and I did some … Continue reading

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Today I have had to say farewell to my running buddy. We have shared a lot together. Lots of up and downs, highs and lows. He has been there with me every step of the way the past three years. … Continue reading

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