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Doynton Hard Half Third Edition

Sunday morning I headed up the M5 in the pouring rain, the Norther I went the colder it got. I left Devon with a balmy 8 degrees and arrived in Doynton just over 90 minutes later in a flipping cold … Continue reading

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Wet wet wet woodland relays

Last night was the annual Woodland Relay that the club partakes in. This is my third relay and the two previous years the weather has been glorious. Being held in England’s summer that good luck was never going to hold … Continue reading

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Being Sensible

This week there has been two occasions where I have been sensible, if there had been three you would have heard about it on the BBC and the day would be declared a Bank Holiday. Sorry, two was all I … Continue reading

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Parkrun Drought

Todays chocolate is Silky Delight chosen to represent the total elevation gain on this mornings run of 1500 feet! Saturdays are parkrun day, but unfortunately I have not managed to do one since the end of November, today was no … Continue reading

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No Parkrun

Saturday as you know is Killerton Parkrun day, but not yesterday, yesterday it was cancelled due to the high winds and flooding in the area. I was gutted, this means that the red t-shirt is another week away! Totally understand … Continue reading

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Janathon day One

If you had asked me yesterday how many miles was I planning on running on the first day of Janathon I would have said 13, however I woke this morning to the sound of torrential rain. I checked the BBC weather App … Continue reading

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Volunteering followed by long run

This morning was my second shift volunteering at parkrun, in the hope that Madam had a better run without my presence. Being at the end definitely gave me a different perspective on park run. I watched several runners turn up … Continue reading

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Yep Friday we woke to high winds and rain so decided on a visit to some caves up near Bodmin. The journey there was not great due to rain of biblical proportions and traffic due to everyone leaving Cornwall due to … Continue reading

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