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A Flurry of Activity

Hubby is many things, some printable here, others not! Active though is not one word anyone including himself would use to describe himself. I used to try to get him ‘ out there’ doing things like walking and cycling (did not … Continue reading

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Rocking it now

Juneathon Activities Day 17 Plank – 2.5 minutes Squats 115 Lunch bike ride – 5 miles After work run 6 miles Think I am finally getting the hang of this Juneathon thing! Maybe. Last nights run was lovely, with half … Continue reading

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Today I dusted Gloria off, retrieved her from behind the lawn mover, pumped up her tyres and parked her outside the house ready for a lunch time outing. Lunch time came and sadly the sun had gone, but undeterred Gloria … Continue reading

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Racking up the miles

Monday – 7 miles club run + 6 mile lunch time bike ride Tuesday – 3 mile lunch time walk Wednesday – 3 mile lunch time walk Thursday – 4.5 mile pre work run + 8 mile lunch time bike … Continue reading

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Transfer of pain

Off I set this morning to the doctors on Gloria to find out the results of last weeks x-ray. The good news is, its not arthritis, the bad news is we don’t really know what it is. Its a case … Continue reading

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Day 24

I took Gloria to Lidl’s today before work. it was a beautiful morning but a pot hole nearly claimed our lives, after some heart ponding manoeuvring we managed to pass by unscathed. Phew. Bloggers brain rot has set in, I … Continue reading

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Can’t think of a title!

As hubby was scheduled for a blood test today we got to sleep in till 6:45 which was bliss. When I crawled out from under the duvet and the cat I was greeted by better conditions than yesterday. I quite … Continue reading

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Three Things

I cycled 11.5 miles before work I ran 6 miles with running club after work Saw this hairy fella at the beach yesterday Is that it I hear you cry? Its the 16th day of June what do you expect?

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Failure in Farway

I started my day off with another lovely bike ride on the lanes of Devon, am loving this kind of start to my day. This coupled with a pedal to the shop at lunch time means I clocked up 10 … Continue reading

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Bike ride

This morning the sky was blue, it did not last. Fortunately I seized the chance and went on a 9 mile bike ride before work and before the clouds blew in. I ended up here turned around and headed home. … Continue reading

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