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The long slow run, with pitstops.

This week work has been slow, it is very much the calm before the storm, so I decided that to prevent another day staring at a lap top, I would take the day off to fit in a long slow … Continue reading

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Formula for a good weekend

An unexpected parkrun pb, Sunday afternoon run across the Devon countryside in the sunshine, sandwiching a visit from a friend involving shopping, eating of pizza and a visit to the cinema, yes it was good but busy weekend! Saturday Madam … Continue reading

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Working to rule

Working from home has many advantages and for the most part is just fine. The biggest draw back is that the work is just there all the time. When we are busy  I have trouble switching off from it and … Continue reading

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Seizing the nice day

At 10 am the sky looked like this and my work load looked like this I fired a message off to the boss saying ‘beautiful day in Devon, back in an hour’ oh the beauty of working from home. Slipped … Continue reading

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Beautiful day for a parkrun

How beautiful is Killerton parkrun? This beautiful…. what a great day to be tail runner, this enabled me to admire the scenery and snap away. Next week though I shall run, next week I will ignore the sign that says ‘slow’, next … Continue reading

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Not Over the hill yet BUT nearly at the top!!

Today I took a step nearer to the big 50! I have known hubby for 14 years but this year he decided by birthday was on the 5th not 3rd of May so really came to a complete shock to him … Continue reading

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Last Long Slow Run…..

or maybe that should read ‘Last not as long as it should have been slow run’. I returned today to Exmouth the home of my long slow runs. It amazing the direction you run in makes, the outward run I … Continue reading

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Cross Country times Three

After a morning of cleaning, dusting, sweeping in preparation for new carpet tomorrow Madam and I went for a walk. We took the long (2.2 miles) cross-country route to the post office, the carrot for madam being able to see … Continue reading

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Away and Home

Madam and I returned yesterday from our trip to Essex, in the four days we managed to pack in lots of catch up sessions with friends and family and I managed two runs. The second of which was dangerous for two … Continue reading

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Countryside running

Yesterday was celebrated by myself receiving and madam and I making for hubby. That was the ends of the romance though as last night I spent in spare room due to the snoring coming from hubby! Normal service was resumed. … Continue reading

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