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Giving Back

Today was the first Women Can Marathon, held just 10 minutes away from my house. When I first heard of it I obviously wanted to run it, but then the 100k came up which threw in to doubt as to … Continue reading

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New balance good form running

SX media asked me to a demonstration of ‘good form running’ at the London Marathon Expo. I was keen to go as am very aware that my running is not exactly ‘good form’! As I was suffering from toothache, this coupled … Continue reading

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What the difference a day makes!

Much has been blogged already about the horrific events at the Boston marathon, all of them much better than I could ever do (here are some:- another mother runner,              two princessesontherun and PaulKrunner  don’t go to any with out tissues!) So I wont even try … Continue reading

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