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Giving Back

Today was the first Women Can Marathon, held just 10 minutes away from my house. When I first heard of it I obviously wanted to run it, but then the 100k came up which threw in to doubt as to … Continue reading

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Head II Head

I have spent most of the week, thinking about VLM, remembering how I was feeling last year and kind of feeling blue that I am not involved at all this year, other than a watcher and supporter. Yesterday I headed … Continue reading

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Now I love a Rollercoaster. Oh except The Kraken at Sea World Florida, my first and last feet dangling Rollercoaster once was enough, then I made big Madam at 11 years go on it on her own, great parenting! Then … Continue reading

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The Tale of Two Doyntons

Last January I completed my first Cross Country half marathon, I did this at the inaugural Doynton Hard Half Marathon (in case you missed that exciting blog you can catch up with it here) This year I was contacted by the … Continue reading

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After January comes February

Who knew? You think that the penny would have dropped about this, wouldn’t you? After XX years where the months have been this way it should not have come as a surprise that it is the same this year. Total surprise … Continue reading

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The Great West Run Part Three.

The runs I have done since VLM, have been just that, runs, not races I like to refer to them as events, more challenges to my mind and body. Today however was a race. The third time of doing The Great … Continue reading

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Social Media is dangerous

FACT Dangerous for my health, my feet, my washing machine and my bank balance. I have spent sometime this afternoon going through my blog checking the ‘events’ I have completed this year. Now bare in mind, historically I would enter … Continue reading

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