Parkrun Drought

Todays chocolate is Silky Delight chosen to represent the total elevation gain on this mornings run of 1500 feet!


Saturdays are parkrun day, but unfortunately I have not managed to do one since the end of November, today was no different. Today was long run day.

As I sat eating breakfast at 6 am, listening to the rain on the conservatory, I was not feeling the love for it! I tried to back out, but my companions were having none of it.

It doesn’t take long for Devon to be awash with water, with the water running off the hills and fields. This was/is a path but today was a stream. One I had to run up just to keep the feet from freezing and dropping off completely. FFFFFFFFFreezing that water was

The Devon mountains were aplenty

photo 4Yes I was that far behind, but give the girl a break I had to extract the iphone from my pocket!

The cloud was low We were so high up we were at times in the clouds, but when we could see them, the views were of course amazing.

One particular downhill was so steep and slippy that I adopted the skiing ‘snow plough’ I learnt whilst in my Canada years, this gave onlookers the impression, I was skipping. I can assure you I was not.

The best moment ever happened, when our run leader did a spectacularly graceful fall, his weeks watching Strictly have not gone to waste. I did have to stop, double over and cross my legs for a while, till the laughter eased! Then I promptly gave him a ten!

It is the first time I have ever been for a run and come back with cleaner trainers than I set out with, thanks to all that water.

Loved the footprints I left on the stairs, must have gone up them quick there is no way I have a high instep like that, nope flat-footed me.

footprints 12 miles done, in mud, rain, streams, across fields, through mud, over fences, under fences, over gates, under gates, over bridges, through cowpats, yes this run had it all, multi terrain in its finest. I had blast. (Should I seek professional help for this? Answers not required)


About shazruns

I have been running since 2004 when I decided to do the Race for Life, as a close friend was terminally ill with cancer. Following that I did a couple of 10km at Leeds castle and Sandringham. Then in 2005 ran my first London marathon, then another in 2007 in blistering temperatures. I have entered the London marathon every year since but have been rejected, am now find maintaining my fitness & motivation hard, so when the email came through about Janathon I thought why not! Am hoping this helps with fitness, motivation and weight loss!! Wish me luck!
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29 Responses to Parkrun Drought

  1. Sam says:

    I’m a mental health professional, it sounds like fun! So no worries 🙂

  2. iwalkicycle says:

    Love the fact that your trainers came back cleaner!

  3. Tubontherun says:

    Blimey! Your trainers have come up like new! Good ol’ Devonian rain water!

  4. Katrina says:

    I would have cried if I’d have got that wet!! Well done!!

  5. mawil1 says:

    I’m well impressed 12 miles in those conditions, can you count it as a run and a swim?😀

  6. paigesato says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t come across Noah and his ark!

  7. abradypus says:

    Now all you need to do is convince your long run leader to start / end / include parkrun and you’re sorted 😉

    • shazruns says:

      Great idea but need extrene hill training and extreme multi terrain for our training, Killerton has it but not enough. Hoping to mahe it next week! Hate not going

  8. fitflo says:

    Oh that sounds like a perfect run – i love a mixed terrain run. You have great views and a chocolate at tye end too what more do you need in life?

  9. winsometahn says:

    That is a lot of water – are you getting deja vu from Janathon 2013?!

  10. KarinB says:

    Those views – I would love to have that around here 🙂 Well done on the run!

  11. Oh my goodness you deserved your chocolate today Shaz. That looks like a major squelch of a run.

  12. jensruns2011 says:

    Crikey, well done you, that’s some run

  13. runtezza says:

    Surprised you had any energy left to leave footprints going upstairs after that — fantastic effort, well done.

  14. You can say you’ve done double duty today, swimming as well as running.

  15. Red Hen says:

    That path sure looks like a silky delight! Honestly, did you only allow yourself one choc after ALL THAT? I’d scoff the box. If I ran/waded twelve miles through that muck. You’re one tough cookie!

  16. warriorwoman says:

    Impressive river running there.

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