Need a tennis racquet stringing?

Then I have the cat guts for you!

Oscar the very naughty ginger cat was a pain last night, through to this morning.

Firstly he has three empty beds to choose from at the moment, madams, the spare one and funnily enough his own, did he chose any of these? No, he curled up next to me forcing me to sleep closer to hubby. At 4 a.m he got up and went downstairs and cried loudly, hubby let him out. Within 10 minutes he was fighting with another cat, then proceeded to wail outside our window to be let in. At this point hubby gave up any hope of sleep got out of bed let him in and went to work! Now it was 5 am and Oscar returned to the bed and settled down between my legs! By this time I was well and truly awake too, so got up and went for a 3 mile run.

Oscar slept on! Grrrrrr


Operation ‘Make the Most of the week as Madam is away’ continued tonight, (after last nights successful trip to the seaside for fish ‘n’ chips), with hubby and I heading tohill which is between Sidmouth and Ladram Bay on the south Devon coast. It was a really beautiful evening. We came to this spot


and just had to sit a while to take in the view over to Sidmouth

DSCN2619 the fantastic zoom on my camera allowed me to take a pic of these yachts tooDSCN2618

We then walked on and up a very steep incline (this was hubby’s idea not one my calf muscles were pleased with) and was rewarded with this view over to Ladram Bay.


Next time I want to walk all the way to Ladram Bay but maybe not on a week night!




About shazruns

I have been running since 2004 when I decided to do the Race for Life, as a close friend was terminally ill with cancer. Following that I did a couple of 10km at Leeds castle and Sandringham. Then in 2005 ran my first London marathon, then another in 2007 in blistering temperatures. I have entered the London marathon every year since but have been rejected, am now find maintaining my fitness & motivation hard, so when the email came through about Janathon I thought why not! Am hoping this helps with fitness, motivation and weight loss!! Wish me luck!
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8 Responses to Need a tennis racquet stringing?

  1. plustenner says:

    cats – don’t you just love them 🙂

  2. I had a cat that behaved like that when I was younger. My Dad assisted it outside with his foot!
    Lovely veiews. What a great place to have on your doorstep.

  3. iwalkicycle says:

    Tuesday must have been a funny night for cats – our two were both REALLY naughty, trying to eat my dinner, fighting constantly, jumping up at the tv….and the list goes on…..Here’s to a better night’s sleep for you tonight!

  4. abradypus says:

    You can’t gut a cat just for one night of fidgeting! That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

  5. Beautiful view and I would say very much worth the walk. 🙂

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