Week 10 Milton Keynes Marathon training plan done but nowhere near completed-oops!

This week it was always goings to be tough fitting in 5 runs, I had the best intentions to run every day from Thursday to Sunday and to include two on Friday. Ambitious? Maybe but that was what I intended.

I ran Thursday morning, Friday morning (8 miles pre 6 am!), could not force myself out Friday evening and just could not get out of bed Saturday morning to fit one in before a day out with the family to The Shire Horse Show as a birthday treat for Madam who turned 10 this week.

Three runs in one week that’s bad!

Today was 13 miles to be done in 1.50 hours! Yeah right! Please note the training plan also says ‘Note that the ‘approximate’ targets for training sessions are exactly that especially on longer runs ‘ this is the part that I decided to listen to!

Unfortunately I had to run solo today and for some reason was very apprehensive about it even though for 7 years I have only ever run on my own, I would miss my running buddy. She did text me and offer to upload to Itunes a podcast of her moaning about life so I would not miss our chat too much!

Madam and hubby set off to his mothers so I could spend my mother’s day pounding the streets.

The first five miles I managed with a 9:33 pace then downed a gel as the legs were a bit wobbly. Two dogs took a liking to my legs (no accounting for taste) managed not to fall over the little one and had I been wearing a heart rate monitor when the big one bounded over I am sure I would have blown its fuse! Ok so it was not baring teeth but having just read an article in Women’s Running magazine about a lady who got bitten I was very nervous of it.

Not sure the gel worked as well as last week but did manage to keep the pace to 938 for average pace to the end of the 13 miles. I did this for the first half of the FLM in 2007 and how I ran another 13 miles after that I have no idea certainly could not have done today that’s for sure.

Ran a cold bath whilst talking to my Mum who kindly told me how thankful she was that it was not a Skpe call as I bared all and got in ! (Ok should read ‘cold by my standards bath’)

Hubby cooking dinner and all three madams have spoilt me so thanks to them.XXX

Happy Mothers Day to all you running Mummy’s.

About shazruns

I have been running since 2004 when I decided to do the Race for Life, as a close friend was terminally ill with cancer. Following that I did a couple of 10km at Leeds castle and Sandringham. Then in 2005 ran my first London marathon, then another in 2007 in blistering temperatures. I have entered the London marathon every year since but have been rejected, am now find maintaining my fitness & motivation hard, so when the email came through about Janathon I thought why not! Am hoping this helps with fitness, motivation and weight loss!! Wish me luck!
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4 Responses to Week 10 Milton Keynes Marathon training plan done but nowhere near completed-oops!

  1. plustenner says:

    some great running! don’t be so hard on yourself xx

  2. fortnightflo says:

    I’ve only be doing 3, and as you keep telling me it’s all about your long runs, as long as you do those you’ll be fine!

  3. abradypus says:

    Absolutely. There are whole training plans (FIRST for example) that recommend only three runs per week.

  4. zoecakes says:

    I consider it a good week when I manage to fit 3 runs in, so as Alma says don’t beat yourself up about it too much. Plus your pace for 13 miles sounds speedy – well done!

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