Tangled & Tempo Three

This morning the little person and I went to see Tangled the latest 3D offering by Disney. I am not a great fan of 3D movies (feel it’s another way to squeeze more money out of movie goers) but it was Disney and I love Disney, of course I forgot to take the really attractive glasses which meant I had to purchase some more. About 10 minutes in to the film I realised I had the child ones on and madam had the adult ones on, I did wonder why they barely fit over my glasses. Movie was cute, funny and had happy ending totally Disney.

Lunch was at the golden arches, I dug deep in to my will power and only spectated madam eat hers. I also watched the teenage boys in their really low slung jeans. I tried hard not to stare as clearly I am old enough to be their Grandmother, but it always amazes me how they manage a) to walk b)stop them falling down and c) how do they reach those pockets? I know showing my age.

Todays run was meant to be a fairly long one of 9 miles (thank god I can’t do Febulous or today would have blown it) but hubby did not get back from the Bike show till 4 p.m, so decided to run 3 miles as fast as I could. The first  mile I had trouble regulating my breathing and sounded like a cross between a steam train and a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moment, the next 2 miles were not too bad except for the legs complaining. At 2.80 miles I headed in to the wind, I felt like I was then running in slooooooooooow motion, boy was it windy. The time for the run was just over 27 minutes not bad, considering lead legs, windy wind and not much fuel in the tank.

VLM email me regularly, I think just to remind me that yet AGAIN they rejected me, this weeks email mentions Bupa 10k in London on the last Bank Holiday in May, think I will sign up for it. Anyone going to join me?

About shazruns

I have been running since 2004 when I decided to do the Race for Life, as a close friend was terminally ill with cancer. Following that I did a couple of 10km at Leeds castle and Sandringham. Then in 2005 ran my first London marathon, then another in 2007 in blistering temperatures. I have entered the London marathon every year since but have been rejected, am now find maintaining my fitness & motivation hard, so when the email came through about Janathon I thought why not! Am hoping this helps with fitness, motivation and weight loss!! Wish me luck!
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4 Responses to Tangled & Tempo Three

  1. runorgocrazy says:

    Um now that’s an idea, I’ll have a think(talk to husband!)

  2. abradypus says:

    Good run, evil headwind… I’m off to check out the 10k.

  3. Jogalog says:

    I get all those VLM emails too – I’m sure by the time I do get in I’ll have spent a small fortune on trying. I did the BUPA 10k last year and it was fantastic – the best race organisation I’ve ever seen. Not sure yet about this year.

  4. fortnightflo says:

    I get that e-mail too! It’s so frustrating…Not sure about BUPA 10k as I’m on hols middle 2 weeks of May – I have registered interest in Run to the beat and london parks half marathons tho which are both in London around Sept/Oct.

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